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By using AI and pedagogical principles, we are creating a Global Skill Scoring System. Our mission is to enable equitable opportunities globally to address workforce Diversity and Inequity issues in their true sense. Through scalable technology products that standardize education and bridge gaps between skills, quality of education, and opportunity we aspire to build a better and equitable world.

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Doing what we do best leads to the highest levels of engagement and productivity. Capitalizing on our strengths helps us discover our best-self. Strengths-based skill development is based on principles of measurement, individualization, and intentional development.

At Edzy, metrics are our DNA, and building trust is our ideology. Everything starts with a robust and trustworthy metric to enable holistic skill measurement and provide personalized career development pathways based on what you like to do and what you want to achieve.

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Our Story

We believe everyone has superpowers. But the lack of access to equal opportunities has deprived the world of utilizing the full potential of people!

Anyone can excel and deliver efficiently if they are provided the right opportunity and guidance. We want to create a global skill marketplace where people can identify their highest ROI skills in a globally competitive context and work towards their strengths to uncover their best-self.

Having witnessed the opportunity biases first hand, our founders have guided each other in their journey; but the guidance is not available for everyone. We aim to develop a scalable product that can provide a level playing field for everyone anywhere in the world and provide intelligent guidance on that field to achieve their goals.

Our Team

We are a young team of tech entrepreneurs who believe in the mission of an equitable future.

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Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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