We are creating a Global Skill Scoring System. By using AI
and pedagogical principles:
We believe everyone has superpowers.
But lack equal opportunities.
Metrics are our DNA
and building trust is our ideology.
And address workforce Diversity & Inequity Issues. Our mission is to enable
equitable opportunities globally
Our vision is to enable a world where
opportunity is not limited by where you live.
Enabling a world
of opportunities.
Explore career pathways,
at your fingertips.
Know thyself.
Be your best self.

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    Standardized To Core

    Our Global Standardized Skill Evaluation Model* is based on pedagogical principles of skill acquisition and Artificial Intelligence that uses thousands of checkpoints for a holistic estimation of your Skill Scores.

    Get your free skill scores from the Standardised Skill Evaluation model.
    Know yourself, know which skills are your superpower.
    Make smarter data-driven decisions about your career to ignite the star within you.
    Get personalized recommendations for your skill enhancement.
    Use your Edzy Scores™ to get access to work across the globe.

    Amazing Features!

    Our Standardised Skill Evaluation Model looks at your skills holistically, from formal education to online training to your personality.

    The holistic Skill Scores that gives you an understanding of your skill competency in the global tech market.

    Metrics and Scenarios to understand the quality, difficulty, and potential ROI on your skills. Dicover your superpower and launch with that!

    Get referred to global employers based on your skill potential and your interests!

    About Us

    By using AI and pedagogical principles, we are creating a Global Skill Scoring System. Our mission is to enable equitable opportunities globally to address workforce Diversity and Inequity issues in their true sense. Through scalable technology products that standardize education and bridge gaps between skills, quality of education, and opportunity we aspire to build a better and equitable world.

    Doing what we do best leads to the highest levels of engagement and productivity. Capitalizing on our strengths helps us discover our best-self. Strengths-based skill development is based on principles of measurement, individualization, and intentional development.

    At Edzy, metrics are our DNA, and building trust is our ideology. Everything starts with a robust and trustworthy metric to enable holistic skill measurement and provide personalized career development pathways based on what you like to do and what you want to achieve.

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    Enterprise Partnerships

    Edzy Performance Assurance Guarantee™

    Instant access to talent marketplace evaluated using thousand of check-points. Good-bye to varsity biases!

    Get matched with candidates that love what you are doing and have the skill to do it. It is a win-win situation for all resulting in strong work culture and focuses on developing the best products and services. Hire from a vetted and diverse pool of highly skilled candidates worldwide and truly contribute to DEI.

    Fast and Low-cost talent discovery to save more capital for getting work done efficiently. Give us your job requirements, and we will recommend you the best-matched candidates in seconds. You can choose to set minimum skill thresholds. Hire with confidence based on customized requirements.

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